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Gideon Gratsiani immigrated to the United States 20 years ago after his time in the Israeli military. Shortly after his arrival, he was introduced to Real Estate and he has been obsessed with it for nearly two decades. During that time, Mr. Gratsiani has been involved in nearly all aspects of real estate. 


He has owned real estate brokerages, worked as a realtor, and a successful investor. This experience gives him unique insights into how to evaluate and invest in properties at auction. 


The early years of Mr. Gratsiani’s career dealt mainly with residential real estate, since then he has turned most of his attention to commercial real estate. However, he still keeps an eye on the market and acquires properties of particular value and interest. 


His knowledge and expertise in both residential and commercial properties has led to the successful purchase of  hundreds of properties at auctions across America. 


Auction types have included tax auctions, DEA, bankruptcy, and everything in between. Contact us today to connect with America’s top real estate auction expert.

Gideon Gratsiani

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