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Gideon Gratsiani arrived in the United States about 20 years ago from Israel. Before arriving to the US, Gideon spent time in the Israeli Military where he also spent time learning about real estate on the side. He pursued real estate further and committed to it for over two decades in Florida and all over the United States. At first, Gideon Gratsiani just dealt with residential real estate, and the recent 8 has been with commercial real estate. Gideon Gratsiani is a foreclosure expert in Florida and throughout the United States, as well as a well known and dignified investor who has full knowledge of the foreclosure process and legal process. Gideon Gratsiani knowledge and expertise in all types of residential and commercial properties, while remaining very involved in all of the hundreds of residential properties of Florida in the last 10 years. In addition to all his residential real estate ventures, he owned a Remax Real Estate brokerage to offer additional benefits to his partners. With his commercial real estate properties he specializes in finding Undervalued Assets and creating an added value and income for all his partners. Gideon is well versed in foreclosure auctions and also has purchased 20 commercial properties from foreclosure auctions.